Typical Hinckley Repairs

Typical Hinckley, Legacy and other Picnic Boat Repairs

We are well known for our routine maintenance and repairs to all sorts of picnic boats including Hinckley, Legacy, Sabre, and others. Evolving from our extensive experience with Grand Banks and Eastbay yachts, we are seeing more and more Hinkley, legacy and other picnic boat repairs in our Dickerson Harbor Boatyard. 
Hinckley Yacht Repairs and Painting
Many Hinkley owners have used Dickerson Harbor for major repairs and minor service jobs. Our technique is to follow the manual closely and make our own recommendations where necessary. All brands of yachts have inherent problems from time to time as well as the manufacturer’s required maintenance requirements. Dickerson Harbor can help with both on your Hinkley.

Hinckley Jet Drive Service

Some yards do the minimum maintenance on Jet Drives. We prefer to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure long term life for your Jet Drive.

Hinckley Jet Drive Service

Rusty Metal Fittings

Not all metal on a boat is stainless couplings and motor mount brackets for example, need to be cleaned up and painted from time to time.

Rusty Coupling

Proper Paint Techniques

We have seen many jet drives where the intake well is painted with copper paint or not painted at all in which case it was filled with barnacles. We remove the strainer and apply non-metallic paint. Jet Drives are very carefully built of aluminum. The non-metallic bottom paint lessons the likelihood of electrolysis.

Hinckley Jet Drive Tunnel Painting

Waste Hose Replacements

It is inevitable that at some point you will have to replace waste hoses. We have several techniques for help with odors aboard your boat.

Waste Hose Replacement

Other Expected Repairs and Maintenance

Suggested Upgrades