Mast, boom and small parts painting

Grand Banks Mast Repair and Painting

We use original factory colors to restore the Grand Banks original finish to a boom or mast. The results when we are finished are truly stunning. 
Mast Repair
The problem with Grand Banks and other trawler aluminum masts, booms and other metal parts is that they will eventually corrode and start peeling. We have seen some boats where owners have tried patching the paint and it does not look much better than the peeling. The only real solution is to repaint the Grand Banks mast and boom with Awlgrip.

How It Works

We strip all the old paint off, sand the aluminum and then apply a corrosion resistant base underneath the primer before applying the top coat. This is also a good opportunity to fill holes from old electronics, add custom brackets, etc. so the finished product will be uniform. Using original Grand Banks or other factory colors restores the original finish to a boom or mast. If you don’t have a winch and track on the boom, now would be the opportune time to do that as well. These can make your dingy handling significantly easier and safer.
This boom from a Navy 44 sailboat receives the same treatment as we use on other Awlgrip coated metal parts.
vdoorAluminum parts require specific procedures and anti-corrosive primers to ensure the longevity of the Awlgrip finish.