Downeast Boats

Downeast Boats for Sale

Although the Downeast (sometimes referred to as a lobster boat) is based on an age-old design originating in Maine, the modern equivalent is more of a “feeling” and “look”, than the image the name produces.
Downeast Boats
Originally the boats were indeed used to lobster, hence the large cockpit area and enclosed fore-space for when the weather took a turn. But today’s lobster boat offers a bit more amenities than the watermen of Maine needed, or wanted. Today’s downeast boats are as at home in the Chesapeake, ICW or canals of Europe as they are in the fishing waters of Maine.

Today’s Market

Today, many companies have their own version of the Maine inspired lobster boat. They share basic characteristics, like a fine bow entry forward, a fair amount of deadrise amidships, that flattens out towards the stern, a graceful shear line, a full length keel and a considerable cockpit. All of these feature combine to make a boat that is seaworthy and manageable, proven by decades of trial and error. From that point, every boat varies. The high end boats have much more to offer in details and amenities for the casual cruiser, while basic boats may be built for actual working watermen. Either way, the lobster boat is a “culture” and has it’s permanent place in history.

OYA Involvement

In our endeavor to bring you the best in the current lobster boat genre, we have begun production of our 32′ Downeast lobster boat built on a Jarvis Newman hull, with design work by Eliot Spalding. We have taken a hull by one of the pioneers of the fiberglass lobster boat, combined it with one of the masters of design and then added our own touches based on current customer requirements and years of experience with yachting, to produce a boat with enormous appeal and quality.