Bow Thruster Installation

Grand Banks Bow Thruster Installation

Typically, we install two to three Grand Banks bow thrusters every year. With good attention to detail and physics, the mystery is “demystified”
Grand Banks Bow Thruster Installation
As you are scribing to a hull which has a shape other than “flat”, special techniques have to be used to get the proper shaped hole. Also, the placement has to be calculated according to boat shape, displacement, etc to allow for maximum thrust. You have to be very careful on high quality yachts, like Grand Banks, when installing a new bow thruster.

How It Works

The hole is cut and the tube is placed in for length calculations. The tube will be cut with the leading edge a bit “proud” to allow water to be deflected away from the hole. The fiberglass work is crucial in getting a leak-proof, “factory installed look” installation. The inside is the hard part, as it is nearly impossible to get to the entire circumfence of the tube without being a bit of a contortionist