Outdoor Boat Storage

Chesapeake Bay Outdoor Winter Boat Storage

Dickerson Harbor boatyard offers safe and affordable winter boat storage for the short or long term anytime of year. Our facility is safe, very protected from the weather, and a great hurricane hole so your boat will be safe and sound. For Chesapeake Bay outdoor winter boat storage, there are few places to compete with Dickerson Harbor to make worry-free storage.
Outdoor Boat Storage

About Outdoor Dry Dockage

Outdoor winter boat storage is billed per season (Nov 1 – May 1). Owner’s may work on their own boats as desired but the use of outside contractors will require proof of insurance be sent to our office for your contractor. Owners are responsible for maintaining their work area and containing any waste from sanding, oil changing, etc. Used fluids must be removed from the property the day they are removed from the boat.

Hauling and Launching Your Boat

We will attempt to meet your hauling and launching requirements, however certain weather conditions may delay actual dates. Please use “week of” instead of particular day to schedule your needs. We are not responsible for continuity of electrical service – please do not rely on heaters as a winterization method. Boats in storage must remain unplugged when unattended.

Outdoor Storage Rates

  • Haul, Light Wash, Block and Relaunch in Spring (up to 35′) : $14 per ft
  • Haul, Light Wash, Block and Relaunch in Spring (36′ to 55′) : $16 per ft
  • Haul, Light Wash, Block and Relaunch in Spring for indoor storage : $30 per ft
  • Seasonal Dry Dockage (Nov 1 – May 1) : $24 per foot (can be prorated for shorter seasons)
  • Rates for boats above 55′ on request

Boats on Trailers

We offer reduced rates for storage of boats on trailers. We can offer this discount since we are not using jackstands for the storage. We can also store the boat on trailer during the boating season and you can launch next door at the public ramp when you need to use your boat. For more information, see the Satellite Storage section

Annual Discounts

We offer winter season dry boat storage with a summer season slip at a reduced rate if paid annually.

We are not responsible for checking the interior of your boat during storage or maintaining boat covers. Please make sure drains are open and water is not accumulating in your boat. If you rely on bilge pumps to keep your bilge empty you need to charge your batteries on a regular basis. For long term storage we recommend installing a garboard drain plug.