Grand Banks Consultation

Get Your Grand Banks Consulting

We are now offering Grand Banks and Eastbay consultation services on an hourly basis.
Due to the popularity of our website and blog and because of the vast pool of knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we are constantly getting phone calls with pleas for assistance with repair problems, etc. As you could well imagine, this takes time away from our actual business – which is doing these types of repairs. Realizing there is a need for this type of service, we are now offering Grand Banks and Eastbay consultation services on an hourly basis. Please call us during the hours of 10 am to 5 pm to take advantage of this service*.

Conveniently Located for Scheduled Maintenance or Emergencies

We also are able to perform service at our docks for emergencies, scheduled jobs or occasional maintenance. Our facility is in easy walking distance to restaurants and all points of interest in Oxford! The following may be done over the phone or over the internet:
  • Grand Banks Construction
  • Grand Banks Repairs
  • Advice on Getting Your Grand Banks Sold
  • Advice on Survey Reports

Off Site Consultation

  • Caterpillar Diagnostic Services
  • Fuel Tank Inspections and Analysis
  • Noise and Vibration Analysis and Solutions
  • Odor Problems and Solutions, including Holding Tank Problems
  • Structural and Keel Problems, including Bulkhead Delamination
  • Teak Deck Problems
  • Instructions in Boat Handling
  • Instructions in Using Electronics

Sales Consulting

We already know many of the Grand Banks and Eastbays on the market. If you are going to inspect a boat for sale we can help you find problems and deficiencies in boats for sale. Schedule us to visit the boat with you. We can also help in selling your Grand Banks for sale since we know why surveyors are going to look for.

Emergency Services

If you have an problem while cruising, we can help get you to a safe harbor, help diagnose your problem and make sure parts are sent to a reputable installer to help you get back to enjoying your boat. *Minimum charge will apply