Catamaran Service and Dockage

Chesapeake Bay Catamaran & Trimaran Service and Dockage

Docking, hauling, and storage of your large catamaran or trimaran is no problem at our Dickerson Harbor service facility in Trappe MD.
Catamaran Service and Dockage
At our Dickerson Harbor service facility have several very wide slips to accommodate up to a 70 ft. catamaran or trimaran. Our travel lift and hydraulic lift trailers can be modified to haul your boat and do most needed repairs.

Looking to repair or dock your catamaran?

As seasoned “racing sailors” we understand the popularity of catamarans and trimarans as well as the difficulty getting them serviced on the Chesapeake Bay. We are one of a handful of boatyards who welcome catamaran owners for your catamaran dockage, hauling, storing and repair needs. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs, we are looking forward to your visit; 410-822-8556  

In the summer of 2020, we worked on the Chris White Atlantic 42 Southern Cross. The owners left the boat at Dickerson Harbor for the summer and through hurricane season. Trapp MD is the perfect hurricane hole, by the way.


One of the major refit projects was replacing the Plexiglas in all 16 hatch tops. It was a big job, so we set up an assembly line and worked our way through them all. They were as good as new when we finished and done at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


The total work included:

  • Bottom prep and paint, zincs, daggerboard paint
  • Saildrive service
  • Yanmar service
  • Rebuild the LaVac toilet systems
  • Remove and service the sails
  • Design and make a new mainsail cover
  • In water storage for all of hurricane season

Once we got all the interior and topside work done and hurricane season was coming to an end, we scheduled a haul out. That had to be planned and organized to minimize the cost of the crane. We spent several days planning the lift and making minor modifications to our lifting gear which is used for the catamaran haul outs. We know that to be successful, the lifting rig has to be set up just right or the hull will get scratched or more serious damage can occur.


The rigging took a few days to get the planned dimensions exactly right. Then we had to modify and assemble our steel spreaders, wire rope, build the pedestals where the spreader bars rest. We have all these components in stock and can pull a catamaran with minimum advanced notice if needed.

Our rigging expertise is a result of our years of shipping and receiving new and used Grand Banks over 35 years.


You can see the quality of the workmanship on the Saildrive and rudder. This all had to be done in one day, so we put the whole boatyard crew on this one job and got everything finished easily.

Trimaran Trimaran

Here is Southern Cross ready to go back in the water and be ready to head offshore in November.


We have extensive catamaran experience, both power and sail. We are expanding one of our travel lifts to a 30 ft beam to have even more capability for servicing the increasingly popular catamarans. Give us a call now, we would love to work with you!