Boat Storage Tips

Tips For Grand Banks Boat Storage

In order to have the best experience possible when storing your Grand Banks or other quality boat for off season or extended lay up, we offer a list of our top tips.
Grand Banks Boat Storage
With the high price of cosmetic upkeep on a Grand Banks Yacht, it makes good sense to protect your investment by properly storing it. Boats stored inside are able to have service projects completed by spring that would otherwise not be possible outdoors, giving a earlier start on the boating season.

Our Top Tips For Winter Boat Storage

  • Get the boat dry—it prevents blistering conditions. Sponge out bilge, open up bilge to air flow
  • Open up access lift outs to allow air to circulate in the engine room and bilge allowing water to evaporate from the boat’s fiberglass structure
  • Cover engine room vents with plastic and tape
  • Cover exhaust ports to keep air from rusting turbo housing
  • Drain exhaust system during winterizing process. Consider removing fabric covered items
  • Get the cosmetic work done in the fall when warm days exist and people are most effective. Avoid boat projects in cold, rainy, snow weather unless they are inside the hull in a building
  • Make a mid-winter date with John Shannahan to come and visit so a review can be made of past season results and make plans for next season. Have your Grand Banks Yacht storage pay off for you next season.
  • Visit the local contractors who care for upholstery, curtain, fabric components to be sure they are in tip top condition. Contact Steve Price at Price’s Yacht Canvas for service work. 410-822-9302
  • We can periodically charge your batteries, but bear in mind that charging a battery that is not good will not ensure that the batteries will be perfect in spring.
  • You should have your shore power cords and adaptors marked with your boat name – not only for winter storage but for docking at any public facility.
  • Get an engine room inspection – it could make the difference between a good boating season and a problematic season.
  • Make sure all winterizing is done properly.