Replace your teak rails with Stainless Steel

Replace your Grand Banks Teak Rails with Stainless Steel

Make your Grand Banks yacht maintenance easy with stainless steel rails.

Stainless Steel Rails

Why should you replace your teak rails with stainless rails?

Yes, remove the teak rails maintenance hassle! Awlgrip them, replace them, or cover them with canvas for protection. We’ve seen boats that had Cetol on all the teak. Also, the hand rails were not in very good condition and would take a lot of work to revive to a finish you could be proud of. If you consider the cost of reviving the current rails and the price of maintaining the teak over the years, it was very cost effective to make the switch to Stainless. Contact us to learn more maintenance saving upgrades for your Grand Banks or any other boat.
Grand Banks Teak Rail replacement with Stainless Steel
New Stainless Rails for a Grand Banks Yacht