Dickerson Boat Storage FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chesapeake Bay Winter Boat Storage at Dickerson Harbor

Get answers to common questions about boat storage at Dickerson.
Dickerson Harbor Winter Boat Storage on Chesapeake Bay

Q: What kinds of winter boat storage do you provide?

  • Indoor Winter Storage
  • Indoor Off Season Storage
  • Outdoor Seasonal Storage
  • Outdoor Long Term Storage
  • Seasonal Slip Lease
  • Monthly Slip Lease
  • Heated Indoor Storage (limited capacity)

Q: Do I have to sign up for a whole season?

The best price is based on a full season. Sometimes people can not be here for the full season so we can charge monthly at a slightly higher rate.

Q: What about security ?

We do not have security problems at our facility, but for your own safety you should keep your boat locked and desirable items inside the boat at all times. We are not responsible for theft of personal property.

Q: Do you charge my batteries?

We recommend that batteries be disconnected and periodic charging is not included in our storage fees. Please bear in mind that periodic charging of batteries does not ensure that the batteries will be good in the spring. Bad batteries are bad batteries, period! If you have us charge your batteries, we use your shore power cord. We are not responsible for unmarked cords. Please have your boat name written on them in permanent format.

Q: Do you provide boat winterization services?

We can winterize any kind of boat. Additionally, our mechanics can assess your engine room and provide a written report of any existing or potential problems. Please ask about this service when you make your reservation.

Q: Do you shrink wrap boats?

We can have your boat shrink-wrapped but we don’t recommend it. For that sort of protection, we recommend indoor storage. Shrink wrapping can damage your gelcoat, create condensation and make it hard to work on the boat during the storage season.

Q: Can I work on my own boat ?

If your boat is stored outside, you may work on it yourself. Any outside contractor you use must file proof of insurance at our office. You are responsible for all clean up and damage that may be done to nearby boats. For insurance reasons, we do not allow outside contractors to work inside our buildings.

Q: Is a haul out included in the price?

We charge the haul out separately as indoor storage is charged by square feet and travel lift rates are charged on LOA. Our haul out rates include light pressure wash, blocking and relaunch. If boat is not launched within one year, an extra fee is assessed.

Q: Do you have room for my boat this year?

We fill our buildings every year. It is important to make your reservations early for indoor storage. We now have one heated building which will fill up first every year.

Q: Do you require a deposit for winter storage?

Because we have limited space, we can only hold a phone reservation for up to ten days without a deposit. If deposit is not received in that time, the space will be available to another customer. All reservations by mail must be accompanied by a deposit check or credit card number.

Q: Do provide power at your docks?

At the present time, we have 110V 15amp power for all slips in the marina. We have begun trenching to install 30/50 amp for the larger slips. Please note that 110V power is sufficient for running battery chargers, please do not run air conditioning or refrigeration on your boat when you are not in the marina as it limits the power available to other clients. There is a minimum electrical charge for small service.

Q: How tall of a boat can be stored inside your buildings?

We have several buildings with varying height. The tallest one can take a boat with about 35′ of maximum height. We may need to lower antennas to get your boat inside in any building.

Q: Why do you charge extra for larger boat haul outs?

On larger boats we need to use double straps on our lift. This entails a couple of guys to re-rig the lift and reset when we are finished so we must pass this cost along to the customer.

Q: Who schedules your haul outs?

All haul out and launch schedules are set by John Shannahan.

Q: Can I visit your facility before committing?

We would love it if you came by for a visit! Please contact our office at 410-822-8556 to let us know you are coming.