Grand Banks Holding Tank Repair

Grand Banks Holding Tank Repair

Make your cruising life smoother with a Grand Banks tank repair.
Grand Banks Holding Tank Repair - Stay Clean

oldtankfittingGrand Banks Holding Tank Challenges

When dealing with holding tank problems on a Grand Banks, the most likely problem you will run into is a bad pickup tube. The original tubes and fittings were made from copper. In the picture on the right, you can see the deterioration and how the pickup tube has virtually corroded away. It would be fairly easy to duplicate the fitting exactly, but what would be the sense when you know what is eventually going to happen to the fitting. You could build the whole assembly out of stainless, but it would be cost prohibitive. The optimal solution is to build it out of off the shelf PVC sanitation fittings. These are specifically made to work with waste and will not corrode or deteriorate over time. If you want to go beyond the basic Grand Banks holding tank repair, one permanent solution is to replace your head system with a Raritan Lectra/San.  The Lectra/San is USCG approved that treats the waste and discharges it on a flow-through basis, eliminating the holding tank. Dickerson Harbor does holding tank work. We also upgrade Lectra/Sans to ElectroScan systems. The ElectroScan is a computer driven Type 1 MSD that is guaranteed to correctly and thoroughly treat and discharge to U.S. Coast Guard standards! This is a wonderful product. It also is able to treat two toilet waste pathways with one unit. This reduces the total reliance on just the holding tank, which is still needed for “No Discharge” zones.
Grand Banks holding tank vent fitting repair
New Non-Corroding fitting

Another problem you will most likely encounter is bad venting

The original vent lines we see on most boats are too long, too small and make too many trips to places they don’t need to go. The best solution when upgrading is to make the shortest run possible with no dips or side trips on it’s way to the vent. We also suggest upgrading to 1 ½” hose or at least 1″ hose to replace the 5/8″ that was original equipment.

You may also consider giving your holding tank a good cleaning

After years of use there is bound to be a fair amout of build up in the system, very similar to what you find in the hoses. You can also use some food grade vinegar, which has just enough acidity to do some serious cleaning, but not enough to damage the tanks.

Waste System Components That Need Periodic Service

All these waste system components need service to insure you don’t have to do it while cruising. At Dickerson Harbor, we will gladly inspect and service every component.
  1. Toilet
  2. Hoses
  3. Holding Tank
  4. Vent System Filter
  5. Pump Out
  6. Macerator for offshore use
  7. Treatment Devices by Raritan and Groco