Vacuflush Fresh Water Head System

sealandOne of the best upgrades to make your boat feel like a home is a Vacuflush head system. If you read the post that I put up a while back with excerpts from the original GB Discussion Board, you will see this item showed up on several owner’s list.  There are many reasons why you should make this upgrade. Most of the odors you detect in a boat are head related. Head odors are evident as soon as someone enters your boat. You can sometimes tell what kind of sanitation system the boat has from the odor emanating from the head area. If the smell is stagnant, the boat most likely has a seawater flush with holding tank. If the smell is sickeningly sweet there is a treatment system. The Vacuflush system however uses fresh water, which eliminates a lot of the smell from bacteria and “things from the sea”.  And because it uses vacuum to pull the water to the tank, it does a much better job of cleaning out the hoses — another cause of odor. vacuflushIf you are concerned about water usage, don’t be. In a standard head you have to keep pumping until you are sure the waste has made it to the tank. This system is more like a home toilet—just flush and let the system work . It is designed for minimal water usage (approximately a pint) as it relies on the vacuum for the flushing action. Plus with the minimal water usage, your holding tank does not get filled with water which will eliminate frequent pump outs. And the power drain is minimal, only 2-6 amps compared to much more on other electric toilet systems. Maintenance of the system is typical of any waste system, but with the use of fresh water instead of questionable seawater, you should notice a decrease in breakdowns and a longer seal life.  As an added benefit, you will be changing waste hoses less often, which is a very expensive job. We have installed many Vacuflush systems in boats here in the yard. Since every boat has different layouts and hose runs, you should contact us for pricing on your particular model.