Wednesday is for Windows

A predicted high of 46 degrees according to NOAA.  A heat wave!  Then dipping back down to the low 30’s for the weekend. I am still on half day schedule so I can elevate my leg above my heart all afternoon – that’s hard to accomplish here at my desk. That foot is swelled up like a football. One guy came through with photos yesterday. This is a window job on an Eastbay – which is something of high interest to anyone with a Grand Banks or an Eastbay as you will have to tackle this eventually.  The felt gets worn out in the tracks and there is no solution except to pull the tracks and replace them. The tracks need to be removed from the outside, which means removing the window frames from the outside of the boat. We have not found a way to do it from outside. Removing the frames involves first finding the fasteners. You then have to sand back the paint and remove the putty to get to the screws. As you can imagine, this is going to lead up to window frame painting at the end.
Window frame removed
Bad Lap Joint on Frame
Frame removed - cabin side
Bad Track Revealed
Window Drain
To the left is a photo of the window drain. This is the key to good window maintenance. Be sure this is always clear and draining properly. You can see the dark wood where water has been sitting. If it sits, it will leak into the boat and lead to premature deterioration of the felt track.
There are other jobs going on in the yard and Jen has volunteered to get photos throughout the day so tomorrow maybe there will be more subjects covered. I can’t tell you how much I miss going out to look at the work in progress.