Teak Deck Service for a 1986 Grand Banks Motor Yacht

                                  The teak decks on this 1986 Grand Banks 42 Motor Yacht were looking pretty tired.  Over time, chemical cleaners and exposure to rain and saltwater take their toll.  We never use the chemical cleaners on your teak decks. and you shouldn’t either.  A good wash with soap and water using only a soft brush is what is required.  We recommend teak deck service be performed every 10-12 years to maintain your deck. The investment in periodic deck service will extend the life of your teak deck, and protect your boat from unwanted water penetration from failing bungs and seams.  When servicing teak decks, we identify which areas of the seams and which bungs need replacing because they are no longer watertight.  We carefully reef out seams and recaulk them, renew screws and bungs where needed, and then give the deck a LIGHT sanding.  Notice we have not sanded off all the gray, we want to keep as much depth to the teak as possible.  On the main deck of this Motor Yacht, we found that we could replace planks effectively, without screws, the cost being competitive with plugs and caulk.  As a result, we were able to replace planks with better teak, better caulk, and dispense with screws and bungs, thus providing fewer areas for water to penetrate in the future.     We will be discussing teak deck conversion,  plus other maintenance reducing strategies in future blogs.  If you are interested in learning more about maintenance reduction for your  boat, call us at (410)822-8556, or email us at dickerson@oya.com