Simple Maintenance Reduction for Seacocks


In August 2020, Dickerson Harbor’s mechanical department installed a new Groco seacock and serviced four others.  We installed grease fittings on all four valves and returned them to proper function.  We also replaced hoses and cleaned and painted the bilge area.  Servicing your Groco valves is critical, or they may not do their job when you need it.  The newer Groco seacocks come with a grease fitting installed so that boat owners can periodically grease the valves themselves.  This prevents binding and keeps the ball valve moving easily.  As part of our maintenance of seacocks, we are now installing a grease fitting on older seacocks so that they can be periodically lubricated too.  Keeping these valves lubricated and moving freely will reduce future maintenance and replacement costs, plus, you can feel more comfortable knowing that your thru-hull valves are working properly.


We will be discussing teak deck conversion,  plus other maintenance reducing strategies in future blogs.  If you are interested in learning more about maintenance reduction for your  boat, call us at (410)822-8556, or email us at