Grand Banks 49 Motor Yacht Maintenance Reduction



The Grand Banks 49 Motor Yacht designers got a little happy with teak trim, especially around the aft cabin and stern.  These brightwork details are hard to maintain and requires one to be a monkey, work standing up in your dinghy, or set up scaffolding to reach when on the hard.  This boat was built in 1987 and her teak trim has seen a lot of sun, and the teak heats up under the varnish.   The smart owner of this boat looks for ways to reduce maintenance and depreciation when it comes to resale. After consulting with John Shannahan and Dickerson Harbor’s lead painter, it was determined that the lower eyebrow, lower cap rail, hatches, and drip sills over the doors would get painted.  To achieve this the varnish was removed, the teak was prepped, and high-quality epoxy paint was applied.  This Grand Banks now has a sleeker,  more modern appearance, and reduced brightwork upkeep.  Architectural details were corrected which has enhanced the lines of the boat and eliminated excessive contrast.  This method can be used on Grand Banks Classic models too; why have varnished drip sills, hatches, and 2 eyebrows?


                    We will be discussing teak deck service and conversion plus other maintenance reducing strategies in future blogs.  If you are interested in learning more about maintenance reduction for your  boat, call us at (410)822-8556, or email us at