Wet Wednesday

The rain continues but I refuse to let it dampen my spirits. Lots of deadlines this week and not enough hours to complete them. I’m only going to worry about that through tomorrow though – someone else can wear the worry hat on Friday. One of the projects we are finishing for a boat due then is the windshield gasket replacement on a GB32. Looking at these gaskets you can figure out that there are many different kinds of gaskets that would work for this replacement. We use one that is readily available from one of my favorite sources – McMaster-Carr. If you need this, use the Style 9 on this page. As you can see above, this will need a little cosmetic work before putting the new gasket on. They also finished up the salt water washdown pump installation yesterday. The last step was to bed in the thru-hull and hook up the feed hose. They also had a brief job of pulling the mast out of this little cat boat. We use a block and tackle hooked to the travel lift for these little masts. Some new mufflers arrived yesterday and the plan de l’heure is to get them roughed in today. As you can see, they dwarf the old mufflers sitting in the background.