Wednesday, the new Friday

11272Last day of the week for most of us. Yet another snafu with the bearings on the small lift. Evidently someone gave me the wrong seal number — but we do have the bearings!  We are trying to find the seals locally so we can get this train back on the rails.  I’m trying to keep my cool here but a series of events have proved to derail my usually perky mood. Content From John If you know what this is it will mean something to you, if not or if you are not local, it won’t mean squat. Information from one of the weather buoys over in Cambridge: 11271 OYA 101 More content from our site which I’m sure many of you haven’t read. By the way, I’ve been told that competitors are using my blog to educate themselves so they can compete against us. Don’t do that please!

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