A beautiful (albeit a bit chilly) day today.  The same jobs progress today as I have shown this week except for measuring for new sails for a Beneteau 50. We have a good source for replacement sales should any of you actually have a sailboat!

I’m sure we don’t need to barrage you with photos of varnish work so I culled the 20+ pictures down to one which shows how the finished surface will look once stripped and sanded.

The windows seem to be of more interest as this is a bit more complex. I mentioned that there were various steps that needed to be performed.  Since the old tracks fit perfectly, we can use them as templates for cutting the new ones without a lot of time measuring.

And here are the first pieces dry fit into the hole.

The windows had been neglected for so long on this boat that there was a hard build up of  crud on the edges of the window. This had to be scraped off before we could even consider trying the windows in the new track.

Here is what the window looks like now, with the crud removed and the window cleaned. (if you have engine room insulation on your work order – notice the box in the background!)