Bet you thought I was going to miss today again. Seems like the internal interest in the blog is very limited and with me being a bit disabled it is hard to get any participation. We did give a camera to someone going to Oxford yesterday to work on a boat but he forgot to take pictures. I can always rely on Pat to take photos though (maybe we should have given the camera to him!) He did take photos of what he was working on this morning. Caterpillar service – routine and one repair. First the routine.  Air filters are on an engine for a reason. Here is what they do. As you can guess, they sometimes need to be changed so they can continue doing what it is they do. As part of routine maintenance you should be changing with a nice new one like you see below. Also on this engine, you can see how the aftercooler gasket is “oozing” out. You can also see the corner is torn and we suspect that because of this, it is not sealing 100% properly. Time to change this out!