Fairly nice right now although some pre-melted snow is expected to roll in later. I did get a few more bilge painting jobs as a result of Deal 111 although not quite as good as the posted deal they got a bargain on a job that needs to be done to keep the boat’s value intact. Still debating with myself on the next deal. We are getting a lot of bottom prep done right now – including getting props and shafts cleaned up. When the first warm weather hits we can hit the props with some spray zinc and roll on the bottom paint which should eliminate that job from the mad rush. On a recently sold GB 46 we are in the process of changing out all the electronics. Since this entails different mounts on the mast we are going to pull the mast and eliminate all the 3rd world bolt-on brackets, weld on some custom brackets and paint the mast. The mast was due for painting any way since the paint had gone very chalky. I would be remiss if I didn’t show some fiberglass work from the bow thruster job. Now that the inside is all done he is moving on to the outside. Most of the strength is in the inside and the outside is more of a sealing and shaping thing. I showed some name boards being stripped the other day. Will a lot of elbow grease we were able to get the shadow of the old name out. We tried a bit of oxalic acid to bleach the wood but found that sanding worked better. Here is one with a coat of sealer on it. As you can see the shadow is gone.