Sure is cold here today and getting real cold tonight. Fortunately back into the 40’s tomorrow and into the 50’s by the weekend. I left off yesterday with the bow thruster job marking. With the pilot holed drilled we step it up to a larger hole with a hole saw using our pilot hole as a guide. This hole serves a purpose – to get our marking jig into the boat and to be able to cut both wholes in a level plane. Here is a close up of the actual marking part of the rig. The marking stand off is the same length as the radius of the whole we are cutting. And we just turn it to scribe the line that will get cut with the sabre saw. This is how thick this particular hull was in this location. We see a lot of variations on this thickness across different boats. On the other end of the boat, the name is being removed. There is still a slight shadow which will require a bit of fine wet sanding when the temperatures come up a bit. You Need to Know I had a customer call this morning who recalled that we had found a replacement for the discontinued Rule winches we used to use on our custom boom lifts. This is a very inexpensive winch that should last for years as it is made for outdoor use (but not necessarily marine use – so I would keep it covered). Even if you only get 4-5 years out of it, it is a value.  We did swap out the galvanized wire cable with stainless.  Buy it at Amazon: Superwinch 1220210 LT2000 Utility Winch