I’ve noticed my readership has gone down so I can only assume the winterizing season is just plain boring. For you stragglers I have to show the mandatory haul out photo of the day – this one is also a deviation from our normal clientele. Our soda blaster showed up first thing this morning to start on a GB46. We also have an Albin 28 in the wings awaiting the same treatment. You will see this job crop up again after the bottom has dried for a while when we start protecting the bottom with barrier coat. We do have some real service work going on – Carlos and Izzy continue with the polishing job they started yesterday. Is my imagination or is Willy getting more cantankerous in his old age?

Why you need it: Boatranet

BOATraNET is a truly unique and innovative product that “e-nables” your existing navigation system and creates a dynamic, local intranet for your boat. Imagine having your own automatic website that shows visitors to your boat, all of the most important navigational information and gives them access to the photos, documents and music that you want them to share and enjoy. View more details at the manufacturer’s website.