They weren’t wrong about the rain today. It is coming down right now and it is overcast and gloomy. It’s going to get cold next so if you haven’t brought your boat in this is the weekend to do it! We are working primarily on finishing winterizing on boats that are inside today because we don’t like to track wet feet all through the boats. We did find a brief interlude this morning where we were able to run out and do one that just came in. We do charge extra if you want to help:) Don't sweat the small stuffWe have one boat in storage where the owner needs a survey for insurance renewal. He had us do a engine room survey to find out what he needs to attend to before the surveyor shows up and gives a big list on the boat. Fortunately no major issues cropped up. We do know what surveyors look for in these circumstances and make sure they are fixed before the survey. If you are in a similar situation, ask us for an engine room survey for your boat. Of course blatant problems that just scream “fix me” will be brought to your attention anyway if the technician winterizing the boat notices them. Not much else to report. I did a walk-about and found nothing of interest except Izzy doing some clean up inside John’s car. I particularly like the inside of the door!