The sun came back after a pretty nasty day yesterday. Of course, I am back to using the heater next to my desk and I see temps in the mid 30’s the next few nights so I guess winter is actually coming after all. The buildings are beginning to fill up after a couple of good hauling days. The balance of the boats in the marina should be coming out today and we will be ready for another round of arrivals over the weekend. First I have to offer up the mandatory haul out photo – just because. Some people think that pressure washing would be fun and just want to participate. After speaking to the manufacturers of the davit system (see yesterday’s post), it was brought to our attention that the parts were not assembled properly when the unit was installed. The insert was supposed to be bedded into the tube with an adhesive sealant. As you can see in the photo below, it was put in dry – hence the leakage. This boat also had some cracked plastic which just sits down in the sill at the entry door. It was time to replace this but it is not actually a stock part. Thanks to my friends at McMaster Carr the raw material was available – which was an exact match to what was there. Just a bit of milling. And here is the dry fit – fits like a glove!