Today is launch day for the 42 and they are strapping it up as we speak. The owners arrived last night and were very pleased with the new paint and windows and extremely pleased that you could actually open the windows with one finger! Of course, we are in a clean up frenzy this morning but there are only a few minor jobs that need completing before the boat takes off for Deltaville. The vents got painted and were put on last night. Since they rely on adhesive caulking with no screws we had to install them last thing in the day so we could use props to hold them in place until the adhesive set. The last step for the keel repair was some sanding and painting which did not require Kevin (who was busy painting the Shields bottom). Here the boat is being readied for for the splash. But the most important task though was the Shields and the focus was primarily getting the bottom sprayed. They were here late loading up the boat and John did make it there by 3 this morning. Of course he was calling here by 8:15 so I guess he didn’t sleep to much – he sounded pretty wired!