Another rainy day here in Trappe. While walking the dogs last night the skies opened up on us and it looked like I had fallen in the pool.  The seagulls seemed to be enjoying it though and I almost think they were laughing at us. We are commissioning a 46 Classic that has been sitting for 2 years. As you know, when a boat sits that long it takes longer to commission as problems always seem to crop up. We have gotten lucky so far on this boat. The paint job progresses. They got the windows all primed and the  cabin sides are now ready to be finished. The doors are having the hardware removed and will also be primed. They must have forgotten those when they primed the cabin sides. We are altering a himalaya for the 46 Europa. It was a bit long so we cut a piece out of the middle? Maybe after it is stripped no one will notice the break in the grain.