July is winding down FAST. This is the last week already and it’s half over. We can only assume it is going to be a hot August again this year. Some of the crew is finally freed up to do some yard clean up which we fall behind on when the Spring rush is upon us. This has to be done on a fairly regular basis or it just gets out of hand. Although it is a working yard here rather than “marina” setting, it is a pretty clean yard for the most part and our slip holders seem to like it. The window job proceeds – the track got cut yesterday and is bundled up for each window and marked to make the reinstallation easier.  To cut the track we have to fasten it to the table with a simple jig. The old track is laid on top to get the right angles and length. The actual cut is made with a cut off wheel which leaves a rather smooth cut – smoother than a hacksaw. The frames themselves are being stripped so we can epoxy coat them. This is not a paid product endorsement, but if  you use any stripper other than Kwik you are wasting time and money. Be careful though, it will eat the gel coat right off the fiberglass if you are using it on the boat. And speaking of Kwik, since we were painting the cabin sides on this boat, it was imperative to strip the door frames and sills first. We don’t want to do this with fresh paint on the boat! We got the himalaya face done yesterday and it will make it back on the boat probably tomorrow. We want to seal the back of the board some more. When working with plywood in a marine environment it is usually a good idea to have it sealed pretty good to keep it from delaminating. We did have to take a slight break mid-morning to partake of some local cantaloupe – do yourself a favor and stop by one of the local roadside stands and pick one of these up.