I guess the bulk of today’s post will concern the Beneteau that we are shipping to Norway. I would not have believed it, but the boat is sitting at the terminal in Dundalk this morning. This required most of the guys working until midnight last night and John leaving at 2 am to get there first thing this morning. And some folks don’t believe in miracles! One of the projects we had to complete this week was converting the boat’s electrical service to operate in Europe. Dockside in Europe is 220v / 50 hz almost everywhere. Since our 220 operates on 60hz there were quite a few changes to accomplish. Of course this was just the tip of the iceberg on this boat, but I have covered a lot of the tasks in the past since we have been working on this boat as long as I can remember.  I’m sure there was a lot of wrapping up late last night but we did have the boat sitting on the cradle when I left. Now let’s do some math. We had about 6 guys working on getting the boat tested in the cradle, then launched and then the mast loaded aboard. I had left but I assume that took about 4-5 hours times 6, so about 24-30 hours for that job. Hopefully things will get back to normal today, although most of the crew is planning on leaving early since they were here so late last night. I do feel obligated to offer up one bow thruster installation photo.