Tuesday - the countdown continues

Yesterday was not as productive as it could have been. We were going to work towards finishing up the GB42 but we had a showing on the boat. I had explained to him that there was a lot of work in progress on the boat but he didn’t mind. He must have liked what he saw since he was out there a good portion of the day and we just sort of moved on to other tasks as not to disrupt. Selling the boat is more important than working on it! We were also chomping at the bit to get the soft pad back in the Eastbay 43 but had to wait until the Alban guy was finished. Then we had to set it in place temporarily so he could sea trial the boat. He needed to be in the engine room so we had to send our mechanic out with him on the sea trial. It was after 4 by the time they got back — too late in the day to start a project like that. Angus was stripping the transom on a GB46 and complained that the teak had some dark at the top trim which was perhaps water damage. I gave him some Y-10 — which is basically oxalic acid. After sitting all night it may have worked and may not but it was only a 5 minute experiment. I’ll let you know how it worked. We had discussed using wood bleach but it has a tendency to turn wood white — which would look worse than the dark on varnished teak. The yard crew was tied up up all day doing some massive clean up projects around the yard since they couldn’t work on the bottom of the 42. This was stuff that needed doing but we never quite found the time. One was cleaning up the temporary oil storage area. It all needed to be moved to the storage drums but no one ever seems to do that when they are doing an oil change. The travel lift channels have sides that are just a little too tall and the chain on the travel lift rubs on them. We had just put some deck boards in to raise the lift enough to get over them but as happens with wood, the water and weight of the lift just destroyed the boards. We needed to get that cleaned up in order to put the new ones in. I suggested using the recycled deck boards which won’t rot but we had wood ones sitting in Oxford. Maybe next time.