Tuesday - pre-holiday

We will be closed tomorrow in celebration of Independence Day and I’m hoping to get an early start today. We did get off an hour early yesterday but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about when I day a head start – I’m thinking a few hours would be good. The fire works are in Oxford tonight and I had an invitation to go on the Oxford-Bellvue Ferry to watch them. Tomorrow, as with a lot of Eastern Shore folk, is crabs and beer – I believe that is mandatory, at least in my small sphere of operations. We did do a sort of emergency haul out yesterday. We had blown a hydraulic line on the travel lift on Friday and had to get that fixed first. Fortunately it was a short, small, inexpensive hose. Willy had to do this one alone because most of the guys were over in Oxford yesterday. The customer was amazed that he had a stuffing box problem. This sort of equipment would be high on my maintenance priority list since it could conceivably sink the boat. Also, I would limit working on the stuffing box to when I was on the ground and not in the water. And speaking of corrosion, if we see a part like the one below while we are working on a boat, we just go ahead and paint it – it’s just good common sense. The Bristol Skiff is being picked up on Thursday so we also have the Hershoff finished now. The same color scheme which matches the owner’s MJM. The most satisfying part of the job is pulling the tape and seeing the finished product. We are doing just a few more items on the GB42 that is going into brokerage. There was some staining on the cabin top that couldn’t be compounded out. This would be a good place to use some Awlgrip Moondust paint to give the boat a little interest (which is used on almost all the Eastbay’s).