VCD =<3WD Just for an early morning creek shot, I found this gull taking in the early sun.


The only interesting thing I can post today is on the GB46 – I’m not planning on going to Oxford just to get photos but suffice it to say there are still jobs going on over there. I got a photo of the flybridge sink layout. We did run into one snag here. The surface has two cambers in it — one going to the side and one going fore to aft. We are rethinking the mounting of the basin to get the rim level.


We moved on to the electronics after this minor set back. The balance of the day was spent removing the old electronics in preparation for putting in all new Garmin gear.


We always mark wires when we remove stuff — even if we are not planning on using them again. In fact if we are not planning on using them we usually pull them out to make it easier for the next people working on the boat. You can save some major headaches and time by doing this when you remove something.


The wires go from the flybridge down through the salon, down to engine room and then off to other places from there. We usually have two guys doing this since you can’t really be in two places at one time — even if you have a split personality. The original installers thought since they had a lot of wire ties, they should use a lot of wire ties going through this chase in the salon.


I always thought it odd that Grand Banks referred to the salon as a “saloon” — would that be because a lot of drinking goes on there?