You may have noticed there was no post yesterday. I am officially entering the annual spring burn out. One can only take so much stress whether it be from too many tight deadlines, being ignored or just plain fustigated (like that word? It’s the word of the day and ever so appropriate!) I did have photos from Friday but just didn’t feel like posting. They got the bottom job completed on the GB 42 over the weekend and the boat went to survey and settlement yesterday. Just in the nick of time (see what I mean about tight deadlines).

Johnny come lately

There was also a job going with no work order (or at least one I had no awareness of – I just love surprises!)


The keel repair should be done later today. Unlike the old repair, this one will not fail. It could fail around it but the repaired area will stay intact.


We got the little stern thruster installed in the Back Cove yesterday. It seemed to go a lot smoother without the owner helping. He is doing all the wiring but was fretting about a big hole in the bottom of the boat. I did tell him it was only a small hole compared to a bow thruster which we do all the time. No worries mate.

Working under cover

The DIY guy was with us yesterday to do another coat of varnish on his transom. He had a very nice attachment for his Cadillac Vacuum (Festool) which sands between the slats but I missed getting a photo. We love it when he comes since he is usually the bearer of liquid refreshments.

The pusher

We had quite a bit of prep work on the little Glacier Bay. The bottom paint on the bottom is losing it’s adhesion and I can see a strip job in the future for this boat.


I think I would get a spot of claustrophobia painting the bottom on this boat.

Its dark under there