Sunny and cold.  We did a fair amount of boat moving yesterday. We have one delivery on Saturday and another boat we need to get out of the building to get some work done for another early delivery. Unfortunately, this one was stuck in the middle of the building.


Panels, panels, panels. Pat was working on two teak ones and Kevin was working on the fiberglass one.

it's yellow!

Here is the glued in panel ready for sanding and varnish..

that's better

The green you see in Kevin’s gelcoat work is PVA which allows for easier sanding when you spray gelcoat on. I thought it was perfect but closer examination showed some pin holes so he will be coating one more time.


Boat moving also means bottom painting. I would prefer for some lower 50’s at least to paint but when the boat’s gotta’ go you do what you need to.

touch up

I had mentioned that I hadn’t seen any of the work going on in Oxford but I did stumble across some photos that I can share with you. No captions, for obvious reasons.