Still a nip in the air and plenty of clouds this morning. It is supposed to be in the upper 50’s this afternoon but it is going to have to kick it up a few notches to achieve that. The boys are working on a transom out in the big building. They don’t seem to mind being cold, maybe I’m just an old guy.


You may remember me showing this transom a while back with plenty of moisture damage on it and the piece of trim that was allowing the water to damage it. The trim piece is pretty clear now and in probably about 2.27% less time than making a new piece.

Mindless work for the mindless

The guys working on rebedding all the hardware on the Intrepid spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning silicone off the hardware and surfaces where the parts will be remounted. Did I mention we hate silicone? The surfaces have to be clean for the Sikaflex to work properly and this hardware will not leak again.

Stick to it

For the flat pvc (or some plastic material) bases we actually countersunk beneath at each bolt hole to ensure some bedding could seep up above the surface and help seal it better. This was just an idea I had which may or may not help.

Holey Moley

My Weekends I often tell you that I live to get out into the woodshop on the weekends. Here is a little trinket box – one of the projects I turned out last weekend. I made it for a friend but my wife refuses to give it up now. This one is English Cedar, Curly Maple, Padauk, Cherry and Walnut.