Another damp dismal day (just like last Wednesday). Of course, if you’re working inside it matters not that it’s raining outside — and we sure have plenty of inside work. Kevin is de-taping the Legacy from the boot spray and will tape up for the hull side which may get sprayed this afternoon.


And over in the other building the transom varnish repair is getting to the point where we can start with full coats. Here is the result of chasing out the bad spots.

bad spots

Since varnish is clear, all the spots will stand out. With a bit of Interlux 1026 sealer which has an amber color, it blends in a lot better. After this gets sanded the new varnish should be fairly seamless.

white be gone It seems we always have plenty of CAT work to do. The survey on this boat identified leaking raw water pump. The pump wasn’t actually leaking — the water was coming from the crack in this heat exchanger bonnet which was located right over the pump.


Another boot band photo:


Things that Gripe Alan I read a lot of discussion forums and it is surprising how few people can actually put words together to make a coherent sentence or to convey a thought. I can allow for misspellings because typing is a skill set that many people just don’t practice enough. It could be that using text messaging has just “dumbed  down” people.  In any case, a bit of thought into something that is publicly published would go a long way.