Another day in Paradise. Almost everyone showed up today except the one we need the most — but we work around those situations. One one boat the owner cited a problem with the drainage on the pans beneath the air conditioning units. She wasn’t wrong!

That's a mess!

We also need to improve the drainage after cleaning these up. If you look at the way the drain is set up on this pan you can see that it impossible for it to all drain out. In a perfect pan, 3 corners would slope downward to the 4th corner with a drain on the bottom. As it is, it is only possible to drain to the bottom lip of the drain which is proud of the bottom. Also, these pans should never be made out of painted metal — fiberglass or heavy duty plastic would be miles better.

no way to drain

We are wiring on the bow thruster job. The control wire is run to the helm but we need to have the location for the joystick control before cutting through.

Nowhere to go

The boys are making fairly good progress but the acetone bath we gave this boat didn’t make any difference. I guess it wasn’t any sort of polish that was causing the problem, it is the hardest surface we have ever had to sand for painting.