Wow, did it get cold or what? Our Paxton delivery guy said it was the wind making it cold but I told him it was the cold that was making it cold — the wind was only making it colder. After going out to get some photos for this morning’s blog I am having problems making my fingers cooperate with the keyboard, so excuse any misspellings, they aren’t ignorance (this time). It did mean we lost a lot of productivity trying to get an old propane heater working that was given to one of the guys in the shop. There is nothing so expensive as something that is free.

Loss leader

Elsewhere work is actually going on despite the weather. In the big building the sun is shining in and the wind is blocked so it is work as usual albeit not comfortable conditions.

Tight Quarters

We are doing a CAT 1,000 hour service on a pair of engines in an Eastbay. We left one of the little oil filled radiators down in the engine room last night so it is quite comfortable down there.

The go getter

There were also a lot of bungs missing out of the deck on this boat (Rumsey counted 65). You don’t want water to penetrate in there so keep those holes filled!

Holey Moley

There were also many screws that were so high they wouldn’t allow new bungs to seat firmly. Those you have to pull out, drill the hole a tad bit deeper and then bed the screws back in. Just a hint here, use new screws — you don’t want to bugger up the heads while getting them back in.

Screwing up

Off on the Legacy, the shattered  part of the deck has been cut back and will be ready to start building the lip back — as soon as it is warm enough for the resin to kick!

Bad photo