I forgot to whine about the weather yesterday – cold, damp and miserable. It wasn’t just me — every customer who came in had the same complaint. On the other hand it is getting people ready to respond to winter storage. We picked up a couple of new ones yesterday and I assume we will be getting more. We are also doing some haulouts for people who want to do a little work and then head on down south before it gets real nasty. John thinks my blog is a little too “folksy” and I’m not sure what he means. He alluded to the fact that I didn’t showcase the really nice boats and that my photos pale in comparison to his own. Oh well – here is a photo from him showcasing a really nice boat which should get me off the hook for a while. Back to the folksy – we had a Luhrs come in for storage on a truck and the owner wanted the boat put back together. We had a couple of guys on this all day yesterday. It was actually quite a job since the console, steering, wiring and other stuff had to be moved and hooked up in addition to putting the tower and rod holders up. I showed Kevin prepping to sand the cockpit on the EB49 and mentioned that it gets a little dusty. Just to show you that I wasn’t exaggerating, here is the job in progress. We don’t try to get all the way down to fresh wood — that would take off too much. We just flatten and hit the rest with Boatlife Teak Deck Cleaner to get any deep grain that is still present. Also the custom exhaust risers finally showed up for this boat and will have to be put on today. We put similar ones on an Eastbay 43 earlier this year. Elsewhere the Legacy is getting quite a bit of last minute sprucing up – come polishing and varnish work. It MAY be going to the boat show but it seems that plans change a bit and I’m not sure anymore. I wasted another couple of hours going to the chiropractor this morning. He admitted that he couldn’t fix the problem but could probably make me feel better (but not my wallet.) I cancelled my next appointment and have to reassess. I also stopped and got flowers for my wife while I was out since it is my 30th anniversary today.