Another overcast day but it doesn’t seem as if it is as hot out when the sun’s not shining so bright. Also with 2 people out it seems as if the activity level has gone down — which leaves me in a short blog kinda way. We do have Pat out doing an oil and filter change on an older Cat D333 — which is the first one of these we have seen in as long as I can remember. Of course we don’t really need pictures of an oil change, which is good since I don’t have any. They are masking the Navy 44 for the priming today. It was quite dark out there in the building with no sun. Not such a problem with the primer but we will need a bit of sunlight for the top coat spraying. It is time to get back on the grass. The lawn mower gets moved back and forth between John’s house and here. Since it came here yesterday for some repairs it is a good time to go ahead and cut the grass here. After getting Izzy set up with the mower, Carlos tackled his first head repair. I’m not sure if he actually liked it since he said it had some human waste inside. We also had to remove a sliding window from the Eastbay 43 which had a crack in it. It has been sent out to the glass shop to use as a template for a replacement piece.