Another pleasant summer day – I’m glad the blistering heat has passed however I do see 90’s for the rest of the week. This time of year we always seem to be short a few people on any given day – which is not that bad considering the light work load. I think that’s why they call them “summer vacations.” On the Legacy, with the sides looking so good, the sole looked a bit shabby and that just won’t do – especially when the boat is for sale with some potential buyers scheduled to take a look at it. We rolled out a sample of the same color but with a bit of non-skid in it. Since we weren’t sure this was the route to take, we did it where the bench seat is placed just in case we didn’t like it. It’s hard to see in the photo but it will be clean and unobtrusive. The windows are ready to be primed on the GB42. Angus was blowing everything off this morning to ensure a dust free finish. The primer is going on as I type this. On the same boat, we hooked a wet-dry vac up to the holes where the step was yesterday. I had taken a photo but it was just too blurry to use. Needless to say, it sucked a bunch of water out of there. We need to leave it dry for a day or two before reattaching the step. The problem seemed to be the bedding around the holes where the screws went through the bulkhead. On a Chris Craft in one of our slips the owner reported shifter problems. When we investigated we found that the hole had been cut too big and only one screw was actually holding the shifter in place. As you can imagine any use of the shifter caused it to “shift” in the hole and make it almost impossible to use. We cut a plate out of King Starboard and installed underneath as a backing plate. I think I would have used aluminum if I had done the job but I’m sure this will hold.