Cold, Cold, Cold. We have the heat back on in the office today – so it’s not just me whining. I’m a bit late posting- there is just a lot going on this morning. I did a brief walk about to find something of interest. Couldn’t find anything that interested me but I’ve seen it all before – maybe it will be better for you! We are installing an inverter in a GB36. Since it it in close proximity to hoses over head we built a little “porch roof” for it to eliminate the chance of dripping into the case.

We are sanding the bottom of the Albin 28 which got soda blasted recently. I was surprised to see that the gelcoat on the bottom was green – I thought they had found a coat of bottom paint under the primer. Trying to match boot top tape is a PIA. This was the darkest tape I could find in my catalogs and as you can see, it is still a shade off. It would still be better than what is there I suspect. Progress is being made on the Legacy. Kevin build a guide for fairing the top surface. Basically it is just 2 rails to fair against to eliminate a lot of sanding. We are filling this with a vinylester resin / fiberglass strand mix for optimal strength. We are down to the details on the 32 tank job. This is the culprit of the whole tank job necessity – leaking fuel fills. Check yours – if it is leaking, you WILL have tank problems down the road. When rebedding it is important to have the area totally flat to get a good seal. If you have a problem with your boat, you should find a way to use it to your advantage such as below. I had forgotten how much varnish work is going on since I never see the varnish guys hanging around the shop like the other guys. Steve Price seems to be in the yard a lot – maybe we should be charging him rent!