The temperature is rising and the sun is shining – I can’t believe Florida could provide any pleasanter climate than this? Still not much to report in the service department as we are taking advantage of the last bit of shop repairs before the onslaught of new jobs begin. Tomorrow we are finishing up a big electronics job on a GB46 – the one with the freshly painted mast. In fact, the owner will be onboard to be the assistant. That’s cheap help! We also have some gel coat crazing to repair on the Legacy which is a lot of Dremel work. The battery boxes are all complete and should be able to withstand years of service being made out of the best marine plywood we could buy and totally encapsulated in epoxy with a durable marine paint coating. We rolled out about 4 1/2 gallons of paint in the shop. We could have used 10 gallons to be honest but that’s what we had in stock. Boy does it make a difference. It is much brighter and when we put in some new electronic-start florescent lamp fixtures in it should be a more pleasant and safer environment to work in. The other project that had to be tackled was to fix some of the soft spots in the floor. I have noticed that some of these have been getting worse – especially in the high traffic areas. The floor was constructed 30 years ago and is just regular construction lumber laying on the dirt with 2 layers of plywood nailed down. As you could imagine, a lot of that lumber is getting a bit rotten. I could just envision a couple of guys carrying something heavy (and expensive) across this area and having a foot go through the floor. Can you say “workman’s comp?” We could have done the 10 hour fix or the 1 hour fix. We elected for the latter (there you go, democracy in action again).  We just laid in some new pieces next to the rotten ones and screwed everything together again. The surrounding area already feels stronger. Notice we are filling the void with a short piece of 2×4 in order to get a stronger repair. The new member is as long as we could use before running into things we couldn’t see. New Products Since I didn’t have anything interesting to show you today I offer up a new product. No testimonial intended since we have not used one of these. On the other hand if the manufacturer wants to send us one to review we would be more than happy to oblige! AquaLens AquaLens is an easy to use, portable, underwater viewing system with live video feed and LED lights. Simply use your boat hook or other guide pole to position AquaLens from the comfort of topside. Then watch live video of the underwater world below you on the AquaLens LCD screen. Very useful for checking props or looking for barnacles or maybe that item you dropped overboard. Visit the web site to get your own.