As I promised, there will be some meat today. Everyone came back to work today and I have requested that everyone try to take some pictures of what they are doing. These photos I snagged off John’s camera from some on going  jobs. This first shot is from a sail boat that we are preparing to ship out. If this were a perfect world, the guy would do something about the flaking paint and rust on this engine. On the same boat, notice the custom battery box that we built. The batteries fit snugly with no chance of movement – which is something surveyors look for. The following photos are from a boat where the customer had been taking care of his own varnish but has now decided to have ti done here in the yard. I think the photos speak for themselves but it is quite evident that the rails need to be removed to do a proper job.
Bad seams with moisture
Dark wood under base
crack under stanchion base
Varnish not sealing at fiberglass
Let’s Kill a Monday Afternoon I found this fun online boating magazine while searching for something else – madmariner.com and a nice little cruising game so you can practice up while your boat is in storage. See, I made it through a whole posting without bitching and whining! (Even though my leg hurts like the devil!)