I hate to mention the weather, but it was “fluky” all day yesterday and should prove to be the same way today. I don’t mind rain but I don’t like being threatened all day! We spend a lot on cutting grass around the marina – it’s a lot of acreage. We do have a big Gravely sitting out in the back shop and figured now that things are a bit slack we could start doing most of the cutting ourselves. The machine does need some TLC though as it has been sitting for quite a while. Pat spent most of the afternoon on that yesterday. The polishing was finished on the 42 Europa yesterday and they have moved on to painting the bottom. The boat should show very nice with just these two items done (plus the dash repair we did last week). The props were also cleaned up and reconditioned by the local prop shop – Kastel Brothers over in St. Michaels. We are cleaning up the shafts now and doing the spurs (which I showed in an earlier posting). They are getting ready to spray the cabin sides on the 42 Classic now that the flybridge is done. We had previously filled the window holes with cardboard but they were taped on from the front. We want the paint to go all the way to the edges so we retaped the cardboard from the inside.