I am going to start the official count down to my vacation which begins on August 26th. My every attempt to take a day off or even a half day off seems to be thwarted by some pseudo-crisis. Spring stress burns me out and by waiting until the end of August for a vacation my general demeanor seems to go down the toilet. I have noticed that other people seem to be missing on a regular basis. Alright, whining accomplished, on with the blog. The cabin sides on the GB42 are almost ready for primer. On a job like this it is hard to find a stopping place. This morning all the small hardware will be removed and marked for reattachment later. While looking over the rail I finally noticed the varnish on this boat which for some reason I had overlooked a hundred times. Just thought I would share a little sample with you of some self-stripping varnish. Elsewhere in the Yard We launched an older Dickerson 41 yesterday. This boat was only a Dickerson hull, which an employee at the time bought and finished off himself using some very non-traditional methods. The boat has been through several owners since then and the current owner has been living aboard on the ground while trying to bring it back from the void. And John’s mast took precedence yesterday as he needs to get it ready to go in the boat before the end of the week. Over in Oxford The boys have been polishing over in Oxford on a very nice 42 Europa which we have listed in our brokerage department. It always pays to keep brokerage boats shiny and clean! Of interest to many of you would be the veneer repair we are doing on this boat. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the repair itself since it was done over in Oxford. Oh well, it would have been interesting.