People asked me this morning why I was in a foul mood despite the fact that it it GORGEOUS outside. I think that may be why. I almost abandoned the daily blog this morning but I am going to at least put up a short one. The cabinets are all back together in the 42. One drawer, which was short to begin with, had to be shortened a bit more since it would not close with the new muffler installed. That seemed to be the only problem we encountered.

We are finally putting the hardware back on the Joel White after the 6 coats of varnish. The owner asked us to patch his non-skid decks. We should have said no, but did it anyway. The bottom line is you can’t patch an isolated area in a large non-skid pattern – it will never match. We are now sanding down the whole section and will roll on a new coat with the non-skid mixed in so we have a somewhat uniform look.

I forgot to show the splendid bottom job the guys did on Friday. There was a lot of flaking on this boat and they seemed to conquer that. Sometimes the bottom painters don’t get the credit they deserve.