02111That’s right, snow is in the forecast yet again. Depending on who you believe, it could be quite a bit. And guess what, it’s not any warmer yet! Carlos is ready with some woman’s fur hat? 02113I am so busy with redoing the whole site that I couldn’t really go take any photos so I am using the chip from the yard camera to find some that haven’t been used yet. I found a slew of photos on the Eastbay helm deck area being varnished. This particular photo shows the amount of work that goes into a job like this. Lot’s of taping! 02112Below is a picture with a story. My guess is that fuel has been in the bilges at some point. To make sure you always know it is truly fixed is to take care of that staining. You could spend hours trying to remove staining like this or you could spend less time degreasing and giving it a coat of paint. 02114On deck, if you have some wood pulled out at a hinge area, you can never get that hinge to work right again. You may get some longer screws to bite for a while but that area is just going to break again. The only way to fix this properly is to scarf in a new piece of wood. 02115I don’t know where the photo below is taken but it is certainly indicative of the weather conditions we have been experiencing this winter. 02116As for the blog, you may notice a new menu across the top that takes you to the new site and now they both look almost exactly the same. The old site is still active until I make the change over but the content is basically the same. There was a lot of chasing down links in the content and other things I don’t have time to get into, but nonetheless it has been a challenge. Now I have to change the service log and the often-forgotten reading room. I still have a self imposed deadline of next week for the final change over.