Thursday EOM

Last day of June today. Spring flew by as usual. I ended up healthy enough to avoid the blue flu evidently – I’m here. The GB42 that was scheduled to leave yesterday actually left about 3:30 this morning to make the deadline of a Cape May arrival tonight. We worked on that right up until closing time as more tasks just kept popping up.  But it was in pretty good shape when it left here compared to when it came in. With another few hundred hours it could have been perfect. We had just enough time to reef and fill a couple of the bad seams on the teak deck, although there are many more to be done. I don’t have to reiterate why you should be taking care of these as they occur. We also got a lot of painting done down in the engine room – basically wherever we could reach without removing more equipment. With the new paint the new coupling system looks much better. The emergency soft patch job on the Eastbay is being finished up this morning as the owner has a trip planned tomorrow. In fact, Rumsey was here until 10 PM last night to get the patch put back in. The CAT mechanic and the owner just arrived to sea trial the work that was done on the boat. Hopefully all is well as it will take hours to get back to where we are now should something not be right. We also took the opportunity to give another mid season coat of polish to the boat while the work was being done. You are adding more polish during the season aren’t you?