Another cool sunny day here in beautiful Trappe. We have a nice little GB32 headed to Trawlerfest next weekend and we gave it a quick haul to inspect and pressure wash the bottom. If you have any friends looking for a 32, this would be the boat to see! 09183 Most of yesterday, as you may imagine, was dedicated to getting the 42 ready for Tfest. We have made a lot of progress so far — especially on the varnish work. 09181 09194 Most of the bronze rub rails are cleaned up and ready to be reinstalled. A couple were “chewed up” a bit so we ordered a couple pieces of brass rail — since the bronze is hard to come by (and pricey if you can find it!) 09182 The deck work should be done soon. It is amazing how much difference a freshly service deck makes on a boat. If we could just educate people on keeping them that way. Of course who wants to be working when they can be out cruising? 09195 The transom didn’t actually turn out that nice. If this were my boat I would consider using some stain to even it out even to a bit darker color. Anything to avoid the splotchiness. 09196